Taline Temizian - Photograph by David Bailey - All rights reserved
Photographed by David Bailey, 2014 - All rights reserved

Taline Temizian

Armenian-British artist (b. 1978, Fresno, California - USA) lives and works in London

Taline's art practice developed since her childhood with various disciplines and education. Her father was a Cardiologist, mother was classical/opera singer. Taline studied humanities and linguistics as well as art school since the age of 5. She believes being an artist is an energy, a transhumanist and transcendental one. Her main interest is the Human subject from the scientific point of view specifically that of Cardiology and Neuroscience, memory being at its’ center. Taline's art has been in various solo and group shows around the world, in private collections and public spaces.
Taline takes a transhumanist perspective on memory and trauma by investigating how neurological activity contributes to lived experience and how artists can change the way we see and better this perception in pursuit of happiness.
Taline's monumental body of work represents a microcosm of collective memory, visually encapsulating a broad range of scientific methodologies, conceptual discourse and personal narrative.
Based in London, with projects in Brussels, Berlin, Zurich and Paris and more Taline collaborates with philosophers, scientists, composers, technologists and filmmakers.